..::|:.: Scattered Words

"in brokeness, I could see, that this was your will for me..." :: Jeremy Camp



The new site is ready for you all to start reading. http://scatteredwords.com. Please let me know of any bugs you come across, as I'll be doing a lot of work over the next couple of days.

A couple of notes:
-All the old posts are there, but they are not all completely "functional" -- some links are missing and the formatting has been stripped. I'll fix them when I can.
-I don't have a good easy way to export the haloscan comments, and then import to the new database as far as I know, so I won't be.
-After today, commenting here will be shut down. If I can, I'll leave all the comments intact.
-Commenting at the new site require registration with typekey. It's painless. If you don't want to register, you can still comment but for now, I have to approve the unregistered comments before they're posted (I think I only have to "approve" you once). Registered users can comment with no wait.
-Not all of the archives / indexes are fully functional. As I get time, they will be.
-The new site will more than likely be ad-supported to pay for hosting and bandwidth costs. The blogroll and links will be back, I just haven't had time to add them yet.

Again, please update your links and bookmarks, and let me know of troubles so I can get to fixin' them.