..::|:.: Scattered Words

"in brokeness, I could see, that this was your will for me..." :: Jeremy Camp


The Blogosphere.

I've caused my own little bit of ruckus, it seems, with this blog (duh). I remain unapologetic about what I say -- but what's happened / ing isn't lost on me. I noticed this post last night. It amazes me for 1) its sheer length and 2) its introspectiveness.

"...there was something else that interested me in his journal, a tone of reasonable exploration, a flavor of the spiritual path that differed much from the irrational ex-gay and Christian rantings I have encountered before. He seemed like a genuinely nice guy, open-minded and searching for Truth, trying to find a balance between his spiritual beliefs and his physical reality."

I came across another, from Paul, discussing the Haloscan ads.

"I emailed the Haloscan people and they informed me that by their standards it wasn't offensive (his site doesn't actually include any hate speech) but to me the mere thought of changing something that is such an inate part of me is offensive. In reply to my email they also raised a good point in that a lot of their ads are also very liberal ads and this might offend someone who is republican, but I haven't seen any that link to sites urging them to change from straight to gay.

Now I've seen the ads (and the variations of them), thanks to all of those who found them original enough to hijack the image and post on their own blogs. The text doesn't urge anyone to do anything.

One Million Monkeys had this to say, and though I might of put it a little differently than the author did, I say more power to him:

"...I wholeheartedly defend this blogger's right to put whatever he wishes up on the internet, I also defend my right to completely trash it. So here we go."

Menina seems to resonate with 1 Corinthians 6, but Patrick didn't seem to get it. His post title, Fear and Self Loathing in DC sums up what he thinks:

"I can't understand how any organized religion can teach followers to hold themselves in such contempt."

I'm not sure how many more ways I can say that I don't hold myself in contempt. I love myself. I love the person God made. I've made choices for myself and others have made choices for me that have sent parts of my life off in the wrong direction, and I don't love that. For example, I was depressed for quite a long period of time. I hated that I was depressed, and I fought with every fiber of my being to drag myself out of that valley. It doesn't mean I hated myself, or had contempt for myself. It meant I wanted to change.

Well, after all that, these past three days in June have brought more page views than the entire month of May. I really didn't expect this, and I think God's growing it into something I never could've imagined. I told a new friend recently that I'll let God take this journal where He will.