..::|:.: Scattered Words

"in brokeness, I could see, that this was your will for me..." :: Jeremy Camp



I've received some really great e-mails tonight. They've been overwhelimingly uplifiting and encouraging, which is so not the norm. I normally don't quote e-mails, as I like to keep those private, but I want to quote this one part (since he was quoting someone else, I don't think he'll mind):

"Sexually abused children not only face an assault on their developing sense of their sexual identity, but a blow to their construction of the world as a safe enough environment and their developing sense of others as trustworthy. In those abused by someone with whom they had a close relationship, the impact is likely to be all the more profound."

I've been wholly amazed at how desperate some have seemed to convince me that prior sexual abuse as a kid had nothing to do with my sexual development, or my "orientation" now.

It's from a site called the National Child Protection Clearinghouse. I find it more amazing that so many have dismissed any link between abuse and adult sexual identity, particularly in my case, without knowning the extent of the abuse I suffered or how I reacted as a child. I don't know why the idea that this could've played a major part in my sexual development is so threatening.

Okay, down off the soapbox. There's a lot to read at that site, and I've only skimmed it. It seems pretty interesting, though.