..::|:.: Scattered Words

"in brokeness, I could see, that this was your will for me..." :: Jeremy Camp


Absence doesn't equal non-existence.

I find myself addressing the concerns, fears and worries of the readers here more than I do my own fears and worries and concerns. That's okay, it's part of having a public blog.

I've written nearly 20,000 words here so far, and as I said earlier, there's so much on my mind and so much I want to write about. But I write all day long and some days, can only write so much (though I love it so). I said in my post to Brock (though I fear he didn't hear it all) that there are things I'll get to. Give me time. There are things I'll never get to. Oh well.

Until then, just because I haven't written about it here, don't make assumptions based on its absence alone. Too many make too many assumptions. Too many.