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"in brokeness, I could see, that this was your will for me..." :: Jeremy Camp


More questions.

From the Battle for Normality. Well, actually only one question.

35. Have you ever had erotic feelings toward or infatuations for someone of the oppostie sex?

Well, yeah. I don't know how much was really erotic, but probably more infatuation. Some of it was definitely erotic. I've had girlfriends in both high school and college. I find (and am finding more and more) some woman attractive. But it's rare that I find a girl that I just automatically look at and say "wow" or something like that -- that happens really frequently with guys, though.

The relationships I've had with girls, they've just never worked out. Not necessarily because I wasn't attracted to them, I don't think (because I was -- maybe more to their personality and spirit than their bodies, but I was), but because of other issues in my life. The stress of a relationship when you have other emotional problems is a lot. I wasn't able to handle everything.