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"in brokeness, I could see, that this was your will for me..." :: Jeremy Camp


The Bible.

I was going to post a big long "why you should believe what the Bible says" post -- but, I've changed my mind. Lee Strobel, a hardcore investigative journalist, does a much better job of examing the Bible in The Case for Christ. I challenge every one of you to read that book. Trust me. Just read it. He asks all the questions of experts that most of you are throwing out here, and he gets real answers.

Second, I thought we covered my motivations in one of yesterday's posts. Many of you make so many assumptions about me and proclaim them as fact -- but you only really know what I reveal to you here, and many of you aren't even listening to that. I'm not so much bothered by it, I just want you to be aware of what you're doing.

I studied the Bible in an educational setting intensely for four years of my life -- I know the book inside and out, I know its origins and I know its history. If you're going to argue against me with the Bible, know that your argument holds little weight for me. I'm not a scholar, and I'm not saying I know everything or that I can't learn anything from you -- but some of you just demonstrate your ignorance to me more than anything else (when you try to throw the Bible at me). ie, this comment from the Naked Blog:

"this boy looks in the pages of a book of lies and he finds a fear of the unknown (transliterated into the english through political ideology masquerading as religious dogma) that matches his own. I must not be gay, he decides."

Third, I love the comments and I read them all. I'm having trouble keeping up so I can't respond to everyone / everything that's said. But they're appreciated, no matter what your viewpoint is. I think we're all learning here -- and that's good.